Do you have dreams of soaring through the skies at hundreds of miles per hour? Are you already well on your way toward earning your pilot’s license? No matter where you are in your pilot journey, we at RTC Pilot can help get you there with our King Air 350 training program. Located in Tampa, FL, this program offers some of the best simulated flight training in the industry. Contact us today to get started! 

Experience Our King Air 350 Level D Flight Simulator

Our King Air 350 pilot training offers flight simulation that allows you to emulate pilot scenarios and malfunctions more accurately than is possible in an aircraft. This gives you a safe environment to practice everything required to hone your pilot skills while simulating the real-world feel of a King Air 350 aircraft!

Pro-Line Fusion

This King Air 350 training takes place in our Level D Full Flight Simulator which comes equipped with Collins Aerospace’s Pro Line Fusion. This feature equips your aircraft for access to the airspace over the North Atlantic Ocean and enables reliable communication between pilots and air traffic controllers in oceanic and remote regions across the globe.

Excellent For Initial, Recurrent, & Dry Lease Training

Whether you are just starting to learn or keeping up with current regulations, RTC pilot simulations offer everything you need to succeed. This program is excellent for initial and recurrent training, as your skill sets improve along the way. Once it is all said and done, we even offer Dry Lease training, so that you understand everything it takes to manage a plane!

One Of-A-Kind Features

RTC Pilot does not just offer the best in class flight simulator, but we also offer training for pilots on any level. From the bottom up, the King Air 350 training program was created with great features that are sure to aid pilots on their way to earning a license. Features include pro-line fusion, advanced visual displays, E2M motion, and much more!

If you are an upcoming pilot who is interested in an amazing flight simulator, look no further than RTC Pilot. We offer you everything you need to become the best pilot you can be. Call us today for more information about our King Air 350 Training Program!



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