PC12 Legacy | Initial & Recurrent Training


Our PC12 Legacy flight initial and recurrent training program offers a flexible option for owners and charters worldwide. This pilot training program also is comprehensive with ground school and sim time for the Legacy Series PC-12 aircraft.

We know that can training seem like a burden. That’s why our Initial course is three days, with the ground school portion of your training being completed online before you arrive. In addition, recurrent training should be quick and concise. Therefore, you shouldn’t check the boxes of the same training conversations year after year. That’s why our instruction style is to build upon your knowledge training after training.

Flight Training Device

Through our parent company, Aeronautical Systems Engineering (ASE), we ensure the highest standard of simulation training. Manufactured and built across the street, ASE designed our Pilatus PC12 Legacy Flight Training Device in 2018. Qualified FAA Level 5, this simulated flight training device offers a vast spectrum of training scenarios that can’t be completed in an actual aircraft. Built out of an actual PC-12 cockpit, this flight training device features a full wrap-around display and feels just like the actual aircraft.


Training and Simulation Solutions That Soar

Recurrent Training Center, an ASE Company, is a great choice for your Recurrent and Initial training as we constantly evolve to our customer’s needs. In addition, our simulated flight training and pilot training courses are designed to reinforce and enhance the pilot’s knowledge base, ensure proficient flight skills, and test the pilot’s limitations. Choosing to train with RTC is committed to improving your piloting skills, knowledge, and decision-making.

Integrated into each course, our sections focus on new regulations, FAA emphasis areas, aircraft systems and operations, and skill evaluations. Similarly, we know quality is important to you. That’s why we are always updating our processes to supply you with the best option for training. Our instructors are prepared to walk you through our training programs’ different systems and configurations. Sign up for our PC12 Legacy Flight Recurrent Training today!

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