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About RTC

Recurrent Training Center, located in the Tampa Bay Area, offers personalized and thorough Initial and Recurrent Training in Single Engine, Twin Engine, and Twin Turbo Prop aircraft.

Our team at RTC is dedicated to making sure you receive the proper training to ensure you are comfortable with your aircraft and that you meet your needed requirements!

RTC wants to make your entire experience as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. Our customer service representatives will assist you with your travel accommodations including booking your rental car and hotel reservations with our negotiated RTC discounted rates, arrange to pick you up from the airport once you arrive, provide your lunch every day, and even locate deals for things to do in Tampa such as a theme park visit or a day of golf!


Today, RTC is proud of our experienced instructors, simulators, and FAA 61 and 142 approval. RTC is also approved by all of the major insurance companies. For location information, visit our Location Page. We train for Single Piston Engine, Twin Piston Engine, and Twin Turbo Prop Engine simulation for Initial and Recurrent Training.

Training Solutions That SOAR

Flight simulation allows us to emulate scenarios and malfunctions more accurately than is possible in the aircraft. In the box, The pilot is unencumbered by the constraints of Air Traffic Control, and can react as he would during a real emergency. Emergencies that are practiced in the simulator are more accurate than those that can be safely presented in the aircraft.

Simulator training allows you to do things you wouldn’t dare try in the air. Simulator training is the only way to get the hands-on practice coping with emergencies in a safe and efficient environment.

RTC has centralized our training center locations to Tampa, FL to better serve your training needs. This update in our facilities and location boast exceptional, qualified instructors, and dedicated staff.

We expanded the Tampa location from several facilities across the United States. Notably, our Savoy, IL location, which served the Midwest for decades, has been integrated and transitioned to our Tampa facility offering an expansion of our training efforts to provide a better service and product to our valued customers.

Our Training Philosophy

Its not only important where you train but what you train on.

  1. Airplanes make for bad classrooms
  2. No ATC Delays, with the Hobbs Running
  3. Less time, less expense
  4. Save wear and tear on your aircraft
  5. Be prepared to handle all types of situations
  6. Your safety is never in question
  7. Practice until it’s second nature
  8. Training in simulators enhances flight safety