RTC has centralized our training center locations to Tampa, FL to better serve your training needs. This update in our facilities and location boast exceptional, qualified instructors, and dedicated staff.

We expanded the Tampa location from several facilities across the United States. Notably, our Savoy, IL location, which served the Midwest for decades, has been integrated and transitioned to our Tampa facility offering an expansion of our training efforts to provide a better service and product to our valued customers.



We’re proud of the change that is happening here in Tampa. We have renovated our classroom and pre-brief offices to streamline training and get you in the left seat faster than ever. With new instructional technology, our classrooms give your the space you need to learn in a comfortable environment.


In 2018, we made a conscience decision to enhance our training environment for our customers. You are taking time out of your lives to complete your training requirement. That is why we renovated our training center to create a new space for pilots. Our new pilot lounge is equipped with wifi, cable television, and work spaces. Whether you need to get work done or just relax, this space is for you to use however you see fit.


Along with facility upgrades, we will be updating much of our instructional support products in the near future. This process is already underway with many of our flight training devices. Specifically, our instrument panels are being upgraded with a top-of-the-line rear projection system for displaying and animating the instruments. These changes are the smarter and more efficient way to make sure your device is always up and running during your training.

Many of these updates and renovations are what make RTC your first choice in simulation training. We have always been “customer-first” and are excited for you to experience the new RTC. Call us today and schedule your next training session and find out just how much we create the perfect training solution for you.



The Tampa training center is located just North of the heart of Tampa Bay, with many Florida attractions just a short drive away.


2448 Destiny Way

Odessa, FL 33556

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