Length: 2 1/2 Days

Twin Piston Engine Recurrent Training

If you want the best Twin Piston Engine Recurrent Training for aircrafts like the Cessna and Piper, you have come to the right place! As other companies have phased out their Twin Piston pilot training, we have only optimized our curriculum and instruction.

Our personalized approach allows you to train at the pace you want, no matter how fast. We offer a one-day recurrent training option where you can complete the ground school portion on your own time. This allows you to come in for simulator time only.

Don’t miss out on the premier source for simulated flight training for Twin Piston aircrafts! If you’re looking to get the experience and knowledge in a quick amount of time, you’ve already made the first step to completing your recurrent training. Sign up for our Twin Piston Engine Recurrent Training today!


  1. Meet your Insurances Requirements
  2. Meets requirements for IFR Recent experience 61.57(c)
  3. Sharpen your Skills and Knowledge in your Twin Engine Aircraft and Prepare for Emergency and Unusual Situations

Course Objectives:

  1. General Operating Subjects (SOPs, Low Visibility Approaches, ATC & Emergencies Weather Avoidance, and  FAR’s 61 & 91).
  2. Twin Engine Aircraft Systems (POH, Aircraft Limitations, Powerplant, Fuel System, and more).
  3. Flight Simulation (Checklist, Takeoff & Landings, Normal Procedures, IFR flights & Approaches, Abnormal & Emergency Events, and more).


  1. Holds a private pilot certificate, commercial pilot certificate, ATP certificate, ICAO recognized license.
  2. Holds an instrument airplane rating or an ATP certificate with an airplane rating.
  3. Holds an airplane single-engine land rating.
  4. Meets the recent flight experience requirements of 61.57 (a) (1) for takeoff and landings in the preceding 90 days.



Cessna 303, 310, 320, 336, 337, 340, 414, 421, 421C

Piper 23 (Aztec) 27 (Aztec), 30 (Twin Comanche), 31 (Navajo), 31P (Navajo Pressurized), 34 (Seneca), 44 (Seminole), 60 (Aerostar)

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