King Air 350 Pro Line Fusion Cockpit


RTC’s King Air 350 (BE-300) Recurrent PIC/SIC Course provides you with the necessary knowledge for understanding the basic functions of the aircraft systems, the use of the individual system components, the integration of aircraft systems, and operational procedures.

RTC King Air 350 Pro Line Fusion Level D Full Flight Simulator Training
Our flight training takes place in our Level D Full Flight Simulator (FFS) equipped with Collins Aerospace’s Pro Line Fusion. During these sessions, you will acquire or improve the skills and knowledge necessary to perform to the standard of the Type Rating Requirements of the current ATP ACS.

The ATP with Initial PIC Type Rating Course, if sought and qualified, leads to a BE-300 Type Rating and an Airline Transport Certificate. This course satisfies applicable training requirements of FAR §61.63, §61.55 and §61.157. In addition, portions of FAR §61.57 are also satisfied. Flight training requirements of FAR §61.31(g)(2) high altitude operations are satisfied in this course.

Recurrent PIC/SIC Course Structure

Ground Training: 8 Hrs of Aircraft Systems Operations

Ground Training: 4 Hrs of Aircraft Systems Operations, Preflight, Callouts, and Procedures

Flight Training: 2 Hrs PIC/2 Hrs SIC of Simulator Time

Brief/Debrief: 1.5 Hrs

Flight Training: 4 Hrs PIC/4 Hrs SIC

Brief/Debrief: 1.5 Hrs

Preflight Check: 1 Hr

Oral Check: 2 Hrs

Proficiency Check: 2 Hrs

Brief/Debrief: 1.5 Hrs


To be eligible for enrollment in this course, the Pilot must, as applicable to the certificate held (whether PIC or SIC, the following list applies to the type of certificate held)

  • Possess a BE-300 Type Rating
  • Have successfully completed a pilot in command proficiency check appropriate to the Type Rating held within the previous 12 +/- 1 months in an aircraft that is type certificated for more than one required pilot flight crewmember or is turbojet-powered, and have successfully completed a Proficiency Check in the BE-300 in the last 24 +/- 1 months.
  • OR, Have received the BE-300 Type Rating within previous 12 +/- 1 months
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Course Hours

Aircraft Ground Training – 12.0

Briefing – 6.0

Flight Training – 6.0