Length: 2 1/2 Days

Twin Turbo Prop Engine Recurrent Training


You’ve come to the right place! Our Twin Turbo Prop Engine Recurrent Training is the only option for the Beechcraft King Air series. We have upgraded our simulators and retrained our instructors to give the best experience possible. Just as aviation technology has improved, so have we. Our services still offer the one-on-one approach to pilot training that our customers have loved for years!

RTC is a more personalized experience where you will work closely with the instructor during your classroom time. Our instructors’ goal with our simulated flight training is to get you oriented and comfortable with the aircraft whether you have experience in a similar environment or if the configuration is brand new to you.

We are dedicated to making sure you receive the proper pilot training to ensure you are comfortable with your Twin Turbo Prop Engine aircraft and that you meet your needed requirements! Keep reading to learn more and sign up for our Twin Turbo Prop Engine Recurrent Training today!


  1. Meet your Insurances Requirements
  2. Meets requirements for IFR Recent experience 61.57(c)
  3. Sharpen your Skills and Knowledge in your Turbo Prop Aircraft and Prepare for Emergency and Unusual Situations

Course Objectives:

  1. General Operating Subjects (SOPs, Low Visibility Approaches, ATC & Emergencies Weather Avoidance, and  FAR’s 61 & 91).
  2. Turbo Prop Aircraft Systems (POH, Aircraft Limitations, Powerplant, Fuel System, and more).
  3. Flight Simulation (Checklist, Takeoff & Landings, Normal Procedures, IFR flights & Approaches, Abnormal & Emergency Events, and more).


  1. Holds a private pilot certificate, commercial pilot certificate, ATP certificate, ICAO recognized license.
  2. Holds an instrument airplane rating or an ATP certificate with an airplane rating.
  3. Holds an airplane multi-engine land rating.
  4. Meets the recent flight experience requirements of 61.57 (a) (1) for takeoff and landings in the preceding 90 days.



Beechcraft King Air A90, B90, C90, C90A, C90B, E90, F90, A100, B100, B200

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