RTC Instructors

Our instructors bring years of experience in flight training. Through our experience, our goal is to evaluate where your strong points are and where you can improve. Once evaluated, we work with you on those situations you can benefit and sharpen your skills through. At times it can be challenging, but the benefit to you is what we truly care about. We want you to leave a better and more prepare pilot than you arrived as.

Emergencies & Malfunctions

A lot of situations can arise where emergencies and malfunctions can occur. If you fly for long enough in your life, you will likely experience a scenario out of the normal operations of the aircraft. When that happens do you feel confident in your ability? The real answer is that no one really knows how they will react. Our goal is to help you navigate your reaction to those situations and prepare you to handle them better the next time you find yourself in similar situations. We don’t train you to fly the airplane or use your equipment under normal conditions. You already went through that. Our goal is to guide you through the abnormal scenarios and leave you feeling a little more comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Troy Short - Training Center Manager

Troy Short began his flight career in 1985 where he studied Aviation Technology at St. Petersburg College. Between 1985 and 1990 Troy completed course work at Embry-Riddle while earning his Commercial SEL/MEL and CFII.

During the 1990’s Troy volunteered with the Civil Air Patrol as a check airman pilot, conducted training classed and took part in search/rescue missions. Up until the early 2000’s Troy was a flight instructor for Part 141 flight schools.

In early 2000, Troy slowed down his instructor time to accept a position with a Fortune 500 company and start a family. With his focus on his career and new family, Troy stepped down from the Civil Air Patrol but has continued to instruct part-time.

Today, Troy has an active flying schedule and instructs with RTC.

Flying/Instruction Experience: Single/Twin Engine Cessna and Single/Twin Engine Piper

What is your philosophy in teaching?

“To guide the student’s dream of flying into their reality.”

What do customers say about Troy?

“Troy was unbelievably accommodating in and out of class. He drove me around on his own time during off hours to make my time in town easier and more affordable. He also took his time with giving me the right answers and if he didn’t know something he worked hard to find out so I wouldn’t leave with any unanswered questions. It was a great experience.”  -Dave Shapiro (Piper 31P Navajo)

Howard Cox

Howard Cox began his aviation career as a helicopter mechanic in the United States Marine Corps during the early 1960’s. After being Honorably Discharged from the Marine Corps, he began working on his private pilot certificate in 1967.

Howard took a break from aviation by embarking on a career in business, but made the decision to return to aviation in the 1990’s and complete his Commercial SEL/MEL, CFII. Howard began a part-time career as an instructor/pilot in 1993 and became a MEL ATP in the mid 2000’s

Howard has been a full time instructor and pilot since 1996. He joined a major national flight training company in the year 2000 as an instructor, progressed as a Director of Training, and was heavily involved in the company’s FAA Part 142 certificate. He was with the company for 18 years before semi retiring.

Howard still maintains an active flying schedule while instructing with RTC.

Flying and Instruction Experience: Pilatus, Navajo, Single/Twin Engine Cessna, Mooney, Tailwheel Aircraft, Cheyenne, TBM, MU2, and Jet Aircraft (Citations, Citation Jets, and Eclipse 500).

What is your philosophy in teaching?

“To work one-on-one with the student. I want to blend what the student wants with what is actually required”

What do customers say about Howard?

“Staff was very helpful! Howard is a very knowledgeable and effective instructor!”  -Charles McCrate (Pilatus PC-12)

Bob Kendrick

Bob Kendrick attended college in Missouri for Psychology, but quickly realized that he wanted to pursue a career in aviation, as it has been a part of his family for years. After building his flight time for 6-7 years, Bob received his first aviation job as a flight instructor and obtained his CFI, CFII, and ME. He then progressed into a career as a commuter pilot and then eventually as a Part 121 pilot.

Bob served as a captain and a check airman pilot flying under contracts with Evergreen International Airlines for Air New Zealand, Quantas, United Parcel Service, Saudia, and Air France. During his time as captain, Bob flew the B747-400, 747 Classic, DC-8, and the DC-9. His travels took him all over the world, including the U.S, Europe, the Middle East, Europe, India, and the South Pacific. Bob accumulated over 11,000 hours in the 747 and exceeded 15,000 of turbine time.

Bob is currently instructing with RTC specializing in King Air Initial and Recurrent training.

Flying and Instruction Experience:  King Air 90/100/200, B747-400, 747 Classic, DC-8, & DC-9

What is your philosophy in teaching?

“Team concepts and standard operating procedures”

What do customers say about Bob?

“Bob Kendrick is a real asset to RTC!!! His experience and knowledge that he brings to the table has certainly opened my eyes to situations that not every recurrent training facility has offered in the past. I am thoroughly satisfied with his instruction and technique.”  -Christopher Baumann (King Air 200)

Louis Fierro

Even as he pursued his dream of becoming a professional baseball player, Louis Fierro was always interested in aviation. Today he has been flying for over 50 years, accumulating 29yrs & 28,000hrs of flight time, with his first solo flight in Feb of ’72. Before joining the team at RTC, Louis has flown for numerous entities including, Hollywood Flying Service, CCA, National Jet, Jet charter service, Air Florida, Imperial Aviation, UPS, and the one and only Al Gore.

Flying and Instruction Experience: Piper Colt C. 150|172|210|310|401|402; Twin Beech; DC3 Turbo Commander; King Air’s Sw4 LR. 23|24|25|35|55; DC. 10/40|DC8 73/71; Boeing 707|720|757|767

What is your philosophy in teaching?

“Teaching a student where he or she doesn’t know they are being taught”

What do customers say about Louis?

“Louis and the entire crew did a great job! Louis was very thorough. I appreciate all his experience. Daimely was also very helpful in getting me scheduled in at a date and time that worked for me.” – Gregory Thompson (C340)

Skip Borders

Skip Borders has a Business Administration & Economics Degree from the University of Tampa and an Associate’s Degree in Aeronautical Science from the National Aviation Academy.

Skip’s career in aviation includes flight time as corporate and regional airline captain logging nearly 25,000 hours, with over 10,000 of those hours being in heavy transport jets. During his time as an airline captain, Skip flew a number of aircraft including 737, DC9, Twin Beech, C402, BE C99, 1900, Saab 340, Cheyenne, and King Air 100.

Although retired from the airlines, Skip is regularly keeping up with his aviation knowledge by creating coursework for RTC and instructing Initial and Recurrent Training.

Flying and Instruction Experience: Twin Cessna 300-400 Series, Twin Piper, King Air 100, Cheyenne, 737, DC9, Twin Beech, BE C99, 1900, & Saab 340.

What is your philosophy in teaching?

“A bird can fly but he can’t think. Man can think but he can’t fly. It is my mission to make you think flying.”

What do customers say about Skip?

“Skip Borders did an outstanding job. I loved the fact he has 402-B time which is the airplane in which we trained. He was thorough, challenging, patient and extremely helpful. He was tough and threw the book at me…I loved every minute of it. I left feeling more confident and comfortable/current in the airplane. The sim performed flawlessly and the operation top to bottom is first class. It never felt like a “factory” environment where I was just a number. I felt very personal service. ”  -Eric Land (Cessna 414)

“I have been a pilot for 51 years, 38 years of that was flying with Flying Tigers (DC-8 & 747) and FedEx (MD-11). Of all the instructors I have had over the years, Skip was the best! He truly has the unique combination of experience turned into wisdom with the understanding and respect for the history of aviation. If you ever get a chance to have a session with Skip – Do It. Thanks again Skip, take care, Dan” -Dan Chadbourne (Cessna 337 Initial)

“My experience from the very first point of contact with Jason was great. Scheduling was extremely flexible, and the process of getting set up for the training was easy to understand thanks to those I spoke with. The training facility itself was nice, the grounds school tools and materials were great, and I truly benefited from my instructor’s (Skip) personal knowledge and experience with the aircraft.” – Anthony Stevens (PC-12)

Pat Yager

In a world of aviation, Pat’s father was a huge influence for him. Pat had his first solo flight on August 1st, 1967. Before joining the RTC team Pat flew for Atlantic Southeast, Southern Express, Dolphin, Biltmore Construction, Marolf Inc, and St. Pete Airworld.

Flying and Instruction Experience: BE-350|200|90|58|55|35|19; ATR-72; CL – 65; EMB-110|120; PA-16|22|30|32; C-421|337|414|310|182|209; C-172|150

What is your philosophy in teaching?

“Keep it Simple Stupid!”

Jim Brunner

Jim has been flying since 1972 and retired as a Captain with American Airlines with more than 26,000 hours of flight time. Jim has been interested in the aviation world ever since he was a kid and never thought about working anywhere else besides in the sky. Before joining the team at RTC Jim has flown for American Airlines, Milwaukee Jet, Aerodyne Beechcraft, US Airways, Chicago Beechcraft, Cessna Aircraft Co., Eastern Airlines, and Jonson Controls Inc.

Flying and Instruction Experience: Airbus A-300|319|320|321; McDonnel Douglas MD80, DC-9; Boeing 727|737; Learjet 24|25|35; All KingAir series aircraft’s; P-51 Mustang; Stearman Biplane; Beechcraft and Cessna.

What is your philosophy in teaching?

“To strive to teach my students a safety-first and knowledge-driven philosophy. To connect a love of aviation with continuing desire to learn and improve flying skills to maximize safety and enjoyment of flight”

What do customer say about Jim?

“Had an awesome time learning the fine details of the aircraft. Getting to examine prior incidents of similar aircraft allowed me to see real world scenarios and what i could do different to have a safer outcome.” – Parker Rathbun (C414/421)