Length: 1 Day


This course is designed to help the gain and maintain proficiency in IFR and emergency procedures for King Air and Twin Cessna aircraft. This course meets the requirements of aviation insurance companies annual training as well as requirements for IFR Recent experience 61.57(c) in make and model aircraft.

How Does It Work?

The simulator portion of the training is given in 2 three hour sessions, along with a thorough systems review of your specific aircraft.

This course features the same number of approaches, systems failures and emergency procedures as in our regular recurrent training course for your plane.

Our Advanced IFR Topic Ground School programs are done online, at your home or office on your PC, at your convenience before you take the simulator portion of the course. (Online portion of the course compatible with both PC and Mac)

Course Outline (FASTtrak)

Enrollment Requirements:
• Hold a private, commercial, or ATP, FAA or ICAO recognized pilot certificate.

• Hold aircraft ratings appropriate to the training aircraft.

• Hold an instrument rating appropriate to the training aircraft.

• Be within 12 calendar months of IFR recency as established in 14 CFR 61.57(c).


Frequent Aircraft Systems Training (FASTtrak) is a flexible alternative to our traditional course offerings. With 6 hours of FTD training on campus, this course propels you with our online learning system. Our Online Interactive Training platform can be completed from the comfort of your own home (8 hours).


The pilot will be instrument proficient and meet the requirements of 61.57(c) (i-iii) IFR Currency & 61.56 for Flight Review. The student will review and demonstrate understanding of the basic function and use of the systems, controls, and operational procedures for the aircraft.

*This course is event based. It is scheduled for 6 hours but is complete when all events are successfully executed.

Worried About Price?

Don’t worry, we know price and convenience is important to you. The price is the same as our regular IFR Recurrent Courses for your plane, which is still available for those who want to train at RTC the same way as they always have.

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