CE-500 Recurrent Training Program

RTC’s CE-500 Recurrent Training Program is the clear choice for pilots of business aircraft. Our CE-500 Pilot Training curriculum gives pilots the opportunity to become more efficient with both normal and abnormal emergency procedures while going through our L.O.F.T. scenarios.

Our simulated flight training takes place in our FAA Qualified Level D Full Flight Simulator (FFS), located in Tampa, FL, equipped with the Honeywell Primus 1000 Avionics. This new FFS was designed and manufactured by RTC’s parent company, Aeronautical Systems Engineering, in 2018.


At RTC, we offer a more personalized experience where you will work closely with the instructor during your classroom time – and you will be provided guidance on familiar and unfamiliar scenarios in our simulated flight training. Our instructors’ goal with our CE-500 Recurrent Training Program is to get you oriented and comfortable with the aircraft, like a Cessna, whether you have experience in a similar environment or if the configuration is brand new to you. Sign up today for our CE-500 Recurrent Training Program today to start improving your skills!

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Course Breakdown

Total Duration – 4 Days

Aircraft Ground Training – 12 Hours

Briefing – 3 Hours

Flight Training – 6 Hours