If you’re looking to get your hours for CJ or Citation type rating, you’ve come to the right place. LOFT specializes in CJ and Citation initial and recurrent training, with our instructors possessing thousands of hours of flight experience, from jets and citation jets to commercial airliners. We provide instruction for new pilots in Carlsbad, California interested in obtaining their full-aircraft certification. Below we’ll walk through how many hours are required to obtain an aircraft type rating. Contact us today with any questions you may have!

How Type Ratings Are Issued

A type rating is issued by the FAA when a pilot has demonstrated their proficiency in flying a specific type of aircraft. Type ratings are required for pilots who wish to fly airliners or other large, complex aircraft. A flight training provider can provide you with your initial FAA-issued type rating, and LOFT will provide recurrent instruction in order for you to pass the checkride. LOFT is approved by the FAA to issue type ratings for CJ aircraft.

FAA Requires a Certain Number of Hours to Issue a Type Rating

The FAA requires a certain number of hours in order to complete a type rating. For the Citation CJ, you’ll need 40 hours of flight time within 60 days prior to your checkride. This can consist of 20 hours with an instructor and 20 more on your own if you’re applying for single-pilot privileges. To obtain your multi-engine type rating, you’ll need an additional 20 hours in a multi-engine aircraft. Each CJ model has its own set of requirements, so be sure to check with us before you start training. 

What Your Hours of Training Involve

The hours you spend training in an aircraft will involve a variety of tasks and procedures. You’ll need to be able to demonstrate your abilities in emergency situations, as well as flying different routes and making maneuvers that are specific to the type of aircraft you’re piloting. Your instructor will certify that you have met all requirements before going on for your checkride. The CJ type rating is a great way to get started in the world of airliner flying. With LOFT’s instructors having thousands of hours of experience, you’re guaranteed to receive top-notch instruction and be ready for your checkride.

A Single Type Rating Can Cover Multiple Variants of The Aircraft

The type rating for a CE-500 series aircraft, for example, would also cover the other models and sub-models. The type rating covers not just the airframe, but all of the systems that make up the aircraft. However, if you’re wishing to receive your single-pilot type rating for the Citation CJ, you must have a current type rating on another aircraft. A single-pilot type rating is required when no second pilot will be flying with you. LOFT offers CE-500 citation training as well as a CE500 Single Pilot Waiver course, with the requirement of a CE-500 type rating.

If you’re looking to obtain your CJ or Citation type rating, contact us today. LOFT offers initial and recurrent citation and CJ training for pilots who want to demonstrate their proficiency in flying a specific type of aircraft. Our experienced instructors will help you receive the hours you need to obtain your type rating and be prepared for your checkride. With LOFT, you’re guaranteed quality instruction and the best chance of success! Check our course availability to get started! 



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