Recurrent Training Center is an aviation school located in beautiful Tampa Bay, Florida. Our aviation courses are taught by seasoned veterans who absolutely love what they do and are here to ensure you have the knowledge and the skills you need to embark on a successful pilot career. Learn how Recurrent Training Center can help your flying career, and enroll with us today.

Learn to Fly Different Types of Aircraft

One great way our flight school can further your flying career is with our different pilot training courses we offer. We offer initial training and recurrent training for various types of planes, including Cessna, King Air, Piper, and PIlatus aircraft. When you are able to fly different aircraft, you will be able to work for more aviation companies who need those pilots. This also means you’ll be able to fly more, too.

We Offer Specialized Aviation Courses

Besides our regular initial and recurrent training, we also offer a variety of specialized pilot training courses that can add to your skill set. From Flight Reviews to Pinch Hitter courses, we offer a variety of additional courses to help keep you and your passengers safe in the air. Call to inquire about the different specialized courses and their availability today.

Level D Full Flight Simulator (FFS)

We offer pilot training courses using top-rated flight simulators. There are many benefits to simulated flight training that can help you be a better pilot. First, flight simulators give you practice with dangerous conditions and in emergency situations that you just can’t (nor would you want¬† to) experience in a real airplane due to hazards and dangers. This gives pilots practice with difficult maneuvers. Plus, flight simulators give pilots the chance to learn and experience aircraft controls, navigation, and instruments. They can replicate high turbulence, giving pilots the chance to practice how aircrafts function best in these wind conditions.

Exposure to Top Instructors & Other Pilots

One great benefit about attending our flight training school is being around other pilots. You are surrounded by a community of people who love to fly as much as you do. When you enroll in our top-rated flight training courses, you’ll have the best flight instructors with years of experience they can share. Plus, your fellow students are a valuable resource, too. They can help give you advice and tell you about job and career opportunities.



When you partner with our flight school, you’ll be sure to gain valuable knowledge, experience, and insight into your flying career. There’s so much to know about aviation that the more time you put into your learning, the more benefits you’ll reap. We offer personalized flight training here where we take the time to get to know you, your flight career aspirations, and provide the flight training to help you achieve your goals. We also can refer you to other programs that can help, too.

Our flight school in Tampa Bay partners with a lot of industry specialists, giving you a wide exposure to other career opportunities you wouldn’t have known about, as well as other aircraft. We encourage our students to explore other areas of flying and other careers in flying. Aviation offers a lot of diversity of choice. If you have questions about our initial, recurrent, or specialized training or other areas in aviation, give us a call today.

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