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There’s nothing quite like flying. It’s such a freeing feeling when your aircraft takes off and you begin ascending and then you reach cruising altitude that is truly indescribable. Here at Recurrent Training Center in Tampa Bay, we offer many aviation courses you can choose from, including the initial and recurrent King Air 350 Training course. We use the latest in flight simulator technology that allows you to experience this aircraft and different scenarios while being safely on the ground. Learn some great reasons why you’ll want to enroll in our King Air 350 Training course, and enroll today!

Top-Rated Instructors

Recurrent Training Center is proud to have some of the most experienced flight instructors in the industry. Each of our flight instructors is passionate about teaching others how to fly. With decades of flying experience, they bring a wealth of knowledge to each and every aviation course we offer, including Initial and Recurrent King Air 350 Training.

Engaging Curriculum

Our engaging curriculum incorporates ground training, briefing, and flight training and satisfies the training requirements to fly the King Air 350. At the end of the flight school, you’ll receive a BE-300 Type Rating and an Airline Transportation Certificate for our Recurrent and our Initial Training. Our curriculum is interactive, ensuring you are never bored, and there is plenty of time for discussion and networking, too.

King Air 350 Flight Training Simulator

Recurrent Training Center in Tampa Bay is excited to be able to offer this aviation course with our FAA Qualified (FAA#1807) King Air 350, Level D Full Flight Simulator (FFS) equipped with Collins Aerospace’s Pro Line Fusion. This King Air 350 Flight Training Simulator offers integrated avionics systems, advanced situational awareness, and great decision-making tools that allow for the best practice of flying conditions. You’ll also get a state-of-the-art weather analysis and advanced threat detection capabilities.

Comprehensive Course Certification Preparation

Our goal is to prepare and certify you in the King Air 350 aircraft, so you can feel confident and be safe while in the air. While flying is thrilling, there is risk, and the better prepared you are to handle the unknown, the more likely it is you’ll fly through them. To get started, contact Recurrent Training Center in Tampa Bay today!


When thinking about which King Air 350 Training program to attend, you should consider the instructors, the coursework, and whether you will be prepared after the course to confidently fly a King Air aircraft. Here at Recurrent Training Center, we offer you a superior experience, incorporating our top-rated King Air flight training simulator, helping you to learn unique scenarios when flying. To get started, contact us today!

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