Recurrent training is regular training that pilots must undergo in order to stay current with regulations set in place by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The airline industry is one of the most heavily regulated industries — since so many lives are at stake if a plane crashes. Recurrent training keeps the skill and knowledge learned in initial training fresh, so that in the event of an emergency (or non-emergency), pilots can respond promptly.

Recurrent Training Center offers a myriad of recurrent trainings to keep pilots sharp and that meet the regulations set forth by the FAA. We host these pilot trainings at our beautiful facility in Tampa Bay that features top-of-the-line flight simulators, experienced instructors, and a great all-around curriculum to keep pilots on their toes. Learn more about our recurrent trainings below, and enroll today!

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Single Piston Engine Recurrent Training

Our Single Piston Engine Recurrent Training is a great course to help you meet your insurance requirements, meet the requirements for IFR Recent Experience, and give you great experience in this type of aircraft. We offer personalized instruction with dedicated instructors who are there to ensure you have everything you need to be successful with this type of aircraft. In addition, we include course information on the fundamental operation of a piston aircraft. This includes how they work and how to maintain them. While mechanics handle most of the maintenance, it’s important for pilots to understand the inner workings of their aircraft, too. Enroll today.

PC12 Flight Recurrent Training

If you want to get familiar with the aircraft and its systems, then RTC’s PC-12 Flight Recurrent Training is for you. You’ll have the opportunity to train in our top-of-the-line flight simulators, practicing flying under varied conditions and scenarios. You’ll have ground school, which is your chance to gain the knowledge you need of the Pilatus PC-12. And, you’ll be thoroughly prepared afterward, feeling 100% confident as you take the helm of a PC-12. Enroll today.

Twin Piston Engine Recurrent Training

Our Twin Piston Engine Recurrent Training is designed for your busy lifestyle. We’ve designed our course so that you can work through the ground school portion on your own time and just come in for one day for your simulator training time. This flight course design is a win/win for all. This course will meet your insurance requirements and the requirements for IFR Recent experience, as well as help you be well prepared for flying twin engine aircraft. Since each of our customers has a unique experience with flying, we tailor our classes to meet your needs. The goal is to build upon your prior learning and experience, while ensuring you have the knowledge for the safe operations of the aircraft you are learning about. This inherent flexibility is one of the reasons our customers choose us for recurrent training. Enroll today.


Twin TurboProp Engine Recurrent Training

If you are looking for the best recurrent training for Beechcraft aircraft, then you’ve found it. Our Twin TurboProp Engine Recurrent Training will well prepare you for flying. With simulator training so you can practice many different scenarios and fly under different weather conditions, as well as ground school, you’ll be soaring the open skies soon. You’ll learn about the electrical system and understand how the engine works with twin turbos, and you’ll study systems failure analysis. From avionics and fuel management to loading, and all flight procedures, you’ll learn everything you need to be successful flying this aircraft. Let our experienced instructors help. Enroll today.

One Day Recurrent Training

Our One Day Recurrent Training offers flexibility, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time in recurrent training. Available for King Air and Twin Cessna aircraft, this recurrent training allows you to complete ground school at your convenience at home and then come in for simulated flight training that is broken down into two, three-hour flight sessions. When complete, you’ll have a thorough review of your specific aircraft and you’ll meet insurance requirements and the requirements for IFR Recent experience. Enroll today. Enroll today.


Recurrent training is just part of being a pilot, and most pilots will tell you that they learn a lot at these trainings. Not only are recurrent trainings great refreshers on what to do in emergency situations as well as offering great practice opportunities, but they are also a great way to hang out with other pilots and learn from them. You may even learn more by talking with other pilots and forming valuable connections for the future.

We utilize flight simulator training to the utmost, believing it to be the best way to learn everything about flying, from the instrument placement to approaches and departures. Plus, flight simulator training is super efficient than training in the air where you have to wait at the airport and go through the entire flight process. You can easily learn from your mistakes in a flight simulator, as the instructor can freeze the simulation, discuss the situation, and even reverse it so you can try again. Flight simulator training is intense, which is why we break it up. There’s a lot going on, and you have to focus a lot of energy in order to keep up. In general, one hour of flight simulator training is worth three hours of real flying time. With in-flight training, your aircraft will take a toll in wear and tear and the like. Recurrent Training Center is a big proponent of flight simulator training, which is why we offer top-of-the-line simulators for your use.

Here at Recurrent Training Center, we offer you a superior experience, incorporating our top-rated flight training simulators, helping you to learn unique scenarios when flying. We stay on the cutting edge of technology in order to ensure you are fully prepared while in flight. From the absolute basics, such as flight review (FR) and Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) to mastery, our initial and recurrent trainings will ensure you have the skills you need to be safe while in the air. Our aviation courses are interactive, meant to ensure all of your questions are answered. To get started, contact us for enrollment information today!

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