King Air Initial & Recurrent Training

Recurrent Training Center, An ASE Company, is a great choice for your Recurrent and Initial training. We pride ourselves in always evolving to our customer’s needs. Our training courses are designed to reinforce and enhance the pilot’s knowledge base, ensure proficient flight skills, and test the pilot’s limitations. Choosing to train with RTC is a commitment to improving your piloting skills, knowledge, and decision making.

Integrated into each course are sections focusing on new regulations, FAA emphasis areas, aircraft systems and operations, and skill evaluations. We know quality is important to you and we are always updating our processes to supply you the best options for Recurrent and Initial training. Our instructors are prepared to walk you through the different systems and configurations for our training programs.

Our Training Philosophy

At RTC, we have taken an in-depth look at what type of training is currently being provided by the industry. As a result, we have analyzed the various delivery methods, the type of equipment used, the tools, materials and curriculums, and experience of the instructional staff presenting the courseware and evaluating the pilot’s skills and proficiency.

Our analysis is based on many training options, firsthand accounts of the various delivery methods, and feedback from pilots experience in all segments of training from companies of all sizes and industry segments.

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