Being a pilot is an incredibly rewarding and fun activity. Whether it’s going to be a hobby or a career, at RTC Pilot, we provide some of the best flight training in the US. From single piston plane training to twin piston and PC12, we provide a wide range of flight simulator training for anyone looking to learn to fly. If you are looking to begin your pilot training, here are four tips to get the process started on the right foot. To start your flight training process, reach out to RTC Pilot today!

Try a Flight Simulator On Your Own

Whether you download one onto your computer or just on your phone, there are plenty of flight simulators that you are able to try on your own to become familiarized with the feeling of flying. This is a great way to at least dip your toes into the learning process.

Familiarize Yourself With Live ATC

It can be difficult to learn the language of air tower controllers and it’s often the most challenging aspect of learning to fly. Luckily, you are able to listen to busy ATC channels to help yourself gather experience listening to tower control.

Network With Other Pilots

Getting to know other pilots can help you gain experience in the industry without having to enter it outright. Ask them about their career path and take their advice into consideration. This can help you find out exactly where you need to go!

Get Your Medical Certificate

Being a pilot requires you to be in great health, which means flight school may require a certification of health from an Aviation Medical Examiner. Make sure you have this done before you start flight school to help the process go smoothly.

Whether you are looking for single piston flight training or twin piston instruction, you can trust our expert flight instructors to give you the experience you need to succeed. For more information about our flight simulator training, reach out to us today.

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