Being able to fly a plane takes a lot of requirements, it is not something that you are able to pick up overnight. The requirements you need also depend on the type of plane that you want to fly. If you want to have your pilot’s license to fly your own plane, the requirements are different compared to getting your license to fly commercially. If you are considering obtaining your pilot’s license to fly commercially, RTC Pilot can help. Our team of professionals can help guide you through the steps you need to take in order to meet all of the requirements. As a commercial pilot, one requirement you must meet is having a type rating in order to fly a plane. In this blog, we will take a look at what it means to have a type rating. Keep reading to learn more and contact our team today to inquire about your pilot’s license. 

What Is a Type Rating?

Essentially, a type rating is like a benchmark in your progress of development. Different types of places require different type ratings in order to be able to operate it. Just like cars, there are different types of airplanes. Big planes, small ones, commercial airplanes, private airplanes, helicopters, military, medical, and more. Your type rating that is tied to your pilot’s license shows whether or not you have the clearance to fly that specific type of plane. 

How to Get Different Type Ratings 

Just like it takes certain training hours to obtain a specific driver’s license, the same goes for your type ratings. If you want to fly a specific type of aircraft, you have to become certified through training. At RTC Pilot, we can help you assess your specific situation along with determining the best route for you to take in order to get the correct type rating for the aircraft you want to have a license for. Sourcing out the correct type of training can be overwhelming because there are so many different options, but with us, we can help you find the right ones. 

How We Work

At RTC Pilot, we provide students with state-of-the-art simulations that are designed to represent real aircraft situations. When you train with us, we can take you through real-life situations, even aircraft malfunctions, to provide you with the skills you need to be prepared for all situations. If you are looking to broaden your type rating, we start you out with the King Air 350 initial training. In order to be able to take this course, there are requirements you must be able to meet. This training starts you off with the basics and prepares you for the next step. We also provide you with King Air 350 recurrent training. This course covers all aspects of aircraft systems and procedures, especially emergency procedures. After successfully completing this course, you will be able to operate the King Air 350 in accordance with applicable regulations. If you are unsure whether or not you have the requirements necessary to complete these courses, our website pages provide this information. You can also contact our team to determine if you qualify.

RTC Pilot

At RTC Pilot, safety is our highest priority. We care about helping pilots obtain the certifications they need in order to operate aircraft safely. We take each student through rigorous training to prepare them for real-world situations. Not only do we want you to have the skills that you are going to need daily but we also want to prepare you for the unexpected.

If you are looking at expanding your pilot’s skills to get to the next level, a type rating is necessary. At RTC Pilot, we can help you get there. Whether you are looking to expand your skills for personal knowledge or you are wanting to fly commercially, contact our team today to see if you meet the requirements to take our courses!



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