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Beechcraft King Air 90, 100, 200 Initial Transition Training

This course is designed to prepare the pilot for the transition to King Air. The aircraft systems are covered in the classroom and then practiced in the simulator. Upon completion the pilot is ready SOE (supervised operating experience) in the aircraft. The course meets the requirements of aviation insurance companies Initial training and requirement for IFR Recent experience 61.57(c)in make and model aircraft.

Once successfully completed, the pilot will have the necessary knowledge and skills to demonstrate that he/she meets the requirements of FAR 61.56(e) for the Flight Review, 61.57(c)(i-iii) for recent Flight Experience – Instrument, and 61.57(d)(1) for the Instrument Proficiency Check will be met.

Our students will acquire knowledge for understanding the basic functions of aircraft systems, the use of the systems, controls, and operational procedures for the aircraft.

Training Requirements

1. Holds a private pilot certificate, commercial pilot certificate, ATP certificate, ICAO recognized license.

2. Holds an instrument airplane rating or an ATP certificate with an airplane rating

3. Holds an airplane multi-engine land rating

4. Meets the recent flight experience requirements of 61.57 (a) (1) for take off and landings in the preceding 90 days. *


Our comprehensive curriculum covers all required topics like Standard Operating Procedures, Low Visibility Approaches, Multi-Engine Departure, ATC and Emergencies, Weather Approaches and FAR’s 61 and 91.

Also discussed is training resources including new equipment, procedures and techniques, structures elements and much more. We’re confident that our course will not only complete your required study but exceed your expectations.

Course Details

3 1/2 Days

40% Classroom

60% Simulator Time