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Beechcraft King Air Recurrent Training

This course is designed to help the gain and maintain proficiency in Beech King Air IFR and emergency procedures. This course meets the requirements of aviation insurance companies annual training as well as requirements for IFR Recent experience 61.57(c) in make and model aircraft.

Course Outline (FASTtrak)

Enrollment Requirements:
• Hold a private, commercial, or ATP, FAA or ICAO recognized pilot certificate.

• Hold aircraft ratings appropriate to the training aircraft.

• Hold an instrument rating appropriate to the training aircraft.

• Be within 12 calendar months of IFR recency as established in 14 CFR 61.57(c).

Description of Course:

This Traditional course is a 2 ½ day training option that is onsite at our Tampa, FL location. Our syllabus details morning and afternoon sessions that allow for hands-on and classroom environments that cover all the required material to get you completed.

Course Objectives:

Upon the completion of this course, the pilot will have the necessary knowledge and skills to demonstrate that he/she meets the requirements of FAR 61.56(e) for the Flight Review, 61.57(c)(i-iii) for recent Flight Experience – Instrument, and 61.57(d)(1) for the Instrument Proficiency Check will be met. The student will acquire knowledge for understanding the basic functions of aircraft systems, the use of the systems, controls, and operational procedures for the aircraft.


2 1/2 Days

Course Breakdown:

Classroom Training – 14 Hours

FTD Training – 8 Hours

Post/Preflight Brief – 1 Hour